Delicacy and taste 

Breakfast time 

" He put the coffee into the cup, He put the milk into the cup of coffee, He put the sugar into the café au lait”

Breakfast by Jacques Prévert


A French style breakfast is served daily from 07:00 am until 10:00 am (even later if need it) in the dinning-room or garden, if weather is fine.

Particular attention is paid to the choice of products for breakfast. I opt for organic ingredients that reflect the principle of slow-food philosophy. Everything is fresh and homemade or comes from local artisans that I have selected for the quality of their products. 

If you have a special dietary requirement or allergies, please do let me know, and alternative choices will be suggested.  Meals without gluten or lactose upon request. 


Table d’hôtes 

 Good, Clean, Fair ... ... The approach is based on a concept of food that is defined by these three principles.


Lunches and dinners are sharing moments.


At La Villa Dunois, eveything is home-made. I go to the local market, cook, bake ... and I love it !

Dinner combine dishes made of seasonal products with a touch of spices from around the world.

Menu is prepared according to your taste.  Could be without gluten, withot lactose upon request. 


A large selection of Loire Valley and Bordeaux wines is available to compliment your meal. 


Dinner are available upon request, starting from 29.50 euros per person. Menu could be adjusted with just main course-starter or starter-main-course upon request.


La Villa Dunois 

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